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Looooooong ass update!

I've not updated since Novemeber....this is going to be long xD

Where to start?! Lets start with my arm I geuss. It's healed, tendons are succesfully back together and I now sport a giant 'S' like scar on my arm, it's pretty damn big. Since I severed through muscle and what not too, and also in the healing process a tendon attached to the scar tissue, it all moves around when I flex and bend my fingers etc

I dont have 100% movement, more like 90% which is still good, especially since my tendons snapped twice and I was under the knife 2 times aswel. Apart from the random aching every now and again, Im back to drumming, driving and using both arms fully again.

There's some things that irk me about having this horrible scar though. I have had randoms tell me my arm looks disgusting and what not, it's like 'Oh thanks! Would rather you keep such comments to yourself thank you very much!'

Another thing that annoys me is when people say it looks like a shark bite. Honestly, everyday someone says it, and It shouldnt annoy me, but it does. Don't really know WHY it does, just does xD

It's been over a year since my accident now, which just really shows how much time flys!

The run up to Christmas was pretty crazy, I was experienceing anxiety and stress like never before from University. I couldnt sleep, I was throwing up, having panic attacks and struggling to breath when I even thought about the amount of work I had to do. Alas I got all my stuff in, and got an A and two B's as grades for the first semester, so was really chuffed with that!

Also, my 21st bday happened in December. I wasn't really looking forward to it cause I had nothing planned, and no one was really free to come up and visit because of the time of year, it being the run up to Christmas, so I was getting really bummed out about it.

Spunky planned to come up and visit, and then Axle and Za where tagging along, also had got Kaji, Azuma and Turbo to come down too, so all was'nt lost and I thought atleast I would have a fun bday!

Much to my surprise, I had NO Idea this was happening, Muzz, Pliskin and Rabbet kept it all hush they where coming, and jumped out on me when everyone arrived. I was SO happy!! It made me light up instantly, more to the fact that it was planned as a big surprise and what not, made me think that I really do have the best friends and boyfriend in the world <3 Love ALL you guys so much! Thanks to all you guys for travelling so far to come spend a few days with me, I couldnt have asked for batter company, Im so gratefull!

I feel like I didnt express how gratefull I was for it all, I'm pretty shut-off with my emotions unless in a 1 on 1 kind of situation. I hope all you guys realised how gratefull I was <3

Much thanks for all the gifts too!! Muzz drew me a really hot ass NSFW picture, which I can't really post atm cause I'm actually in University right now >_>;;

I've now moved out of my parents house and reside in Dundee in a flat my Uncle has bought. Sharing with Blue (A Jordy Otter ;P) and Paul (bassist in my band), and I can say its pretty awesome! It's great being walking distance from University and a lot closer to work too.

The run up till now from xmas; not much has happened really. I've been swamped with University work, and shifts at my job, slaving away. I've not been too well at all the past few weeks, and after seeing the doctor he worry's it might be Inflamotry Bowel Disease, which is not too fun, so Im waiting on a letter to come through with an appointment for a scan to see whats wrong with me.

Second semester of university is in full swing, and I've only got three weeks today to get ALL my work in, cause I need to submit it all a few days early, since submission day lands on the 10th of May, which *dun dun duuuunnn* is the last day of Confuzzled! x_X

Its a giant kick in the balls really. Now I have to submit all my stuff on the Thursday/Friday morning, train it down to Manchester the Friday as early as possible, have fun at the con, then train it back up to Dundee either on the 10th or 11th of May, cause I have my end of year presentation to give on the 12th!

Curse my University and having its deadlines RIGHT AROUND the dates of CF, so frustrating!

I AM looking forward to recieveing my fursuit in time for CF though, and sporting that there at the con! Heres to hoping its delivered in time *paws crossed*

Planning on hitting AnthroCon also this year, with a month or two visit to Florida after to hang out with Moon, Trigger and the gang down there! <3

Think thats pretty much the jist of it, prob missed out a few things here and there, but all in all, im surviving, stressed and what not, got a shit ton to do, but surviving!

No-one's prob gonna read all this, but BLAH BLAH I TYPORZ ASDFGADFGADF


(also nervous cause im away to have my only test this year after posting this x_X )

Wait what....ok wow

Just been talking on MSN to a friend, and told him about something that happened a few weeks ago

at the time I never thought anything of it, but looking back and now thinking about it im really hurt...

and random woman in the street came up to me, looked and my left arm in disgust and said that my scar was absolutly horrible and disgusting...

...thanks random lady

World Of Warcraft - Cataclysm


I just watched the vid for Cataclysm...

The Worgen...omfg, SO rolling one straight away as soon as I get it installed xDD

Is it sad I love them cause they are so fucking hot?! >_>

...Im such a furry


Quick but very important update

So August is always, every year without a doubt, the busiest month for me. It doesnt help that this year I had my University work to do ontop of already devised plans etc!

I dont update here enough, I really should! I think that will be subject to change really with the news Im about to spill!

First with the GOOD news :

My uncle was looking to buy a flat in Dundee and get me and some friends to rent it off of him every month etc, so we found a really awesomely set out house. 3 floors, though the rooms are all pretty small, the 3 levels makes up for it. The owners wanted £110,000, but we managed to get them down to £108,000, WITH them throwing in their leather, electric recliner sofa's, and a big ass bean-bag!

Which is fucking awesome! The lay out of the house is downstairs you've got the hall, toilet, then small dinning area, then kitchen and a few cuboards etc. Second floor is a huge living room and another toilet, and third floor is the 3 bedrooms!

Im gonna be sharing it with Blue and the bassist from my band, Paul! Move in date is 2nd of October, so im mega excited! *bounces*

So thats the good news...

Bad news :

My cars MOT bill came though and its £250 x_X Which I really really cant afford atm. The little money I have Im trying to keep for EF! Im gonna try lay it off till after EF and hopefully ill make a bit of cash there at my dealers den table.

Other bad news, was informed last night that a friend I knew in High School who joined the army, was a victim of a road side bomb the other day, and his left leg has been blown off ;_; It kinda hit home to me a lot harder last night once told. I have a good few friend over in Afghan, and this has just made me more worried about them than I was before. He also has to get skin grafts over his right arm and leg as they where also badly damaged.

Please wish Jack a speedy and strong recovery.

Im off to finish off my University work, so more updates soon!




Need to shout atm, gonna make a big post later on

but atm, Ive been listening to these guys constantly, such good vent music

Bring Me The Horizon <33


Appoligies to everyone, I've been really under the radar as of recent, I got a UAV jammer for xmas ;P

But nah, in all seriousness, since my arm is now is DECENT working condition, I've been running around like a mad husky as of late! I just arrived home last night from a 5 day stay in Edinburgh, and im only home two nights, cause tomorrow Im heading off again to Spunky's till Sunday.

I've been knuckling down with my over due unversity work and what not, and I have two classes almost finished, just got another two to go!

These need to be done by the end of July, so I should be alright. Also, I CANT STOP DAMN SNEEZING, omg xD Ive actually sneezed the whole time typing this!

But yes, just to say I am alive, just hard to get a hold of for a while, and prob will be for the next month or so

ill keep ya's updated!

Ugh! *SNEEZE!*



Rusted From The Rain

So Ive just heard Billy Talents new song, 'Rusted From The Rain'

*and before you slag/diss billy Talent, they have been my favourite band for fucking years*

But yeah....Im not too sure what to make of it....Its different, and I liked Billy Talent in the first place becuase they where different sounding...But I was hoping Billy Talent III (there new and third album coming out) was going to be like, back to their roots way back with the first proper Billy Talent album...

Im almost dissapointed....Its just....not Billy Talent

Im hoping this is the worst song on the album to be honest, I dont want two dissapointments this year music wise, Enter Shikari's new stuff being the first



...has to be the best thing ever atm

GAWD, wonder how long it will be before they get sued!

Bullet points of Thailand so far...

- I loved Bangkok
- I would enjoy it a lot more if my arm wasn't fucked, limiting my fun
- I would enjoy it a lot more with my friends/fur-ends, rather than my family Im with
- Thai new year, is just.....fucking crazy
- Im not sure If Im enjoying myself or not at this moment in time

time to get more drunk




Sorry for all who saw my rambling post last night

T'was my University night out, and a few of them upset me quite a bit

Was nothing about any of you guys <3

Anyways, away for the weekend. Hitting up a furmeet *le gasp*

Aint been to one in over a year, hopefully its good fun xD